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Rose Chloe

Amba Swivel J-B004 B Swivel B Jill B004 Electric Towel Warmer in Brush

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Amba Swivel J-B004 B Jill B004 Electric Towel Warmer, Brushed, Stainless Steel Construction, Non-Liquid Italian Heating Element, Warms Towels Quickly and Evenly, Assorted Colors Available.

Experience the utmost luxury and comfort with Amba's Swivel line of towel warmer. Featuring 100% high grade stainless steel construction, these towel warmers are guaranteed to give you and your family decades of bathroom comfort. This towel warmer features 8 heated bars for holding towels, clothing, and any other fabric that suits your taste. Hanging towels on a towel warmer after a shower is an excellent way to reduce mold and mildew in your bathroom as well as keep your towels feeling fresh and clean after every use. The Amba Swivel series towel warmer allows each individual arm to be turned for optimal positioning, and comes in Brushed Steel and Polished Steel finishes, guaranteeing you can find a color to suit your bathroom's unique decor. As well as keeping bathroom linens warm and fresh, this towel warmer also serves as an effective space heater, offering 246 BTUs of heating power to keep your bathroom a welcome destination for anyone.

  • Extremely High Grade Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Keep Towels and Bathrobes Warm and Dry.
  • 246 BTUs of Heating Power.
  • 8 Towel Hanging Bars.
  • up to 136 Degrees of Heat.
  • Dual Purpose: Space Heater and Towel Warmer.
  • Award Winning Italian Designs.
  • Plugs Into A Home Electric Outlet.
  • Optional Switching and Hanging Accessories Available.

    General Data:

  • Type: Towel Warmer.
  • Product Line: Swivel.
  • Medium: Electric.
  • Material: Stainless Steel.

    Performance Data:

  • Heating Capacity (BTU): 246.

    Electrical Data:

  • Total Amperage (A): 0.65.
  • Power (Watts): 72.
  • Voltage (Volts): 110.


  • Supply Connection (Inches): 1/2.
  • Return Connection (Inches): 1/2.
  • Product Height (Inches): 37.
  • Product Width (Inches): 25.
  • Product Depth (Inches): 3 9/10.